In terms of Caldari design philosophy, the Phoenix is a chip off the old block. With a heavily tweaked missile interface, targeting arrays of surpassing quality and the most advanced shield systems to be found anywhere, it is considered the strongest long-range installation attacker out there.

While its shield boosting actuators allow the Phoenix, when properly equipped, to withstand tremendous punishment over a short duration, its defenses are not likely to hold up against sustained attack over longer periods. With a strong supplementary force, however, few things in existence rival this vessel’s pure annihilative force.



Caldari Dreadnought bonuses (per skill level):
4% bonus to all shield resistances
5% bonus to XL Cruise, XL Torpedo and Torpedo damage
10% reduction in missile launcher reload time
Role Bonus:
• Can fit Siege modules
• 5x penalty to Entosis Link duration


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