The Exchange Collective

One of EVE Online’s Premier PVP & Industry Corporations


Veterans Only

TXC is composed of Veterans, each with years of experience in playing EVE Online. We know exactly what we want out of EVE, and exactly how to get it. TXC is a fantastic place for like-minded individuals who have PvP as their primary focus in the game. Being a member of TXC is incredibly rewarding, with tens of billions paid out in PvP Prizes and Bonuses each month.

TXC is Recruiting

If you are thinking of joining our ranks, you should have at least two years of gameplay under your belt, and 500+ Kills on your Killboard. If you are a long-term, PvP-focused vet looking for a highly active Alliance and Coalition, we are a perfect fit. But remember, we aren’t here to hold your hand or micro-manage you. You should be an energetic, proactive self-starter, joining fleets and making things happen out there on a daily basis.

PvP Focused

Without strength, no Corporation can long survive in EVE. If a Corporation’s Members are not willing and able to fight, they are nothing more than professional victims. TXC’s strength derives from our heavy focus on PvP. Every member of our Corporation finds a Combat Hull a more comfortable fit than an Industrial ship. TXC enjoys constant PvP content at all hours of the day and night, including Roams, StratOps, Calls to Action and more. If you enjoy shooting ships, scoring Faction Loot or even collecting corpses, we can offer you one of the best places to accomplish that in all of New Eden! What’s more, all of our Pilots compete in the Monthly TOP KILLER Contest and the Coalition’s Combat Bonus Programs, with tens of billions of ISK in prizes and bonuses paid out every month!

Corporation Killboard

Deep Industrial Reach

TXC maintains a full array of Manufacturing, Refining and Research Engineering Complexes to help you to build your wealth. TXC manufactures SubCapital and Capital Combat Ships, as well as Fighters, T2 Modules, Weapons and Ammo, supplying markets across Etherium Reach and running regular deliveries across New Eden in Jump Freighters. TXC is also always looking for more Rorqual pilots, to keep the voracious maw of its Industry fed. Whether you consider yourself a PvP-savvy Industrialist or merely enjoy the massive revenue gains of Mining in a Rorqual, we welcome you with open arms.

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Interested in Joining Our Ranks? We generally only recruit by direct invitation, but there are always exceptions. If you’d like to be considered, send us an in-Game e-mail with some honest, detailed info about yourself, what your focus is and where you want to take things over the coming year to our Recruiters, “Corvar Estidal” or “Othar Hamund” in-Game. If we like what we see, we can take the next steps together.