The Exchange Collective

One of EVE Online's Premier PVP & Industry Corporations


New Player Friendly

TXC Directors understand how difficult EVE Online can be for new players. They have implemented numerous systems to help you get into the action as fast as possible, from free skill books to a comprehensive new player training queue, TXC can help you get comfortable fast in EVE, making fat stacks of ISK while racking up kills in our Fleets.

What we are looking for in New Members

TXC is a rare type of Corporation. It recognizes that its strength flows from its Members, and so it's focus is on building up and enriching those Members, not the other way around. To continue to grow as we do this, TXC needs smart, savvy pilots who are online a lot and willing to put as much time and effort into helping the Corp as it is putting into helping them. Most pilots that come to TXC tell horror stories of their former Corps and how they were treated there. All those pilots have stayed with us and told us that we'd have to beat them with a stick to get them to leave. (We must be doing something right!) We support the entire gamut of player, from brand-new to decade-plus veterans. If you are a day-old newbro, we can show you the wide world of New Eden, ramping up your skills as you gain your footing as a pilot in our Fleets. If you are a hardened vet that is looking for a solid group of friends to fly with, not to mention a full set of T2-Rigged Engineering Complexes to support your Industrial efforts, we are a perfect fit.

PvP Focused

Without strength, no Corporation can long survive in EVE. If a Corporation's Members are not willing and able to fight, they are nothing more than professional victims. TXC's strength derives from our heavy focus on PvP. Every member of our Corporation stands ready to jump into a Combat Hull at a moment's notice. TXC is positioned in one of the wealthiest areas of EVE -- Deklein -- and enjoys constant PvP content at all hours of the day and night, including Roams, StratOps, Calls to Action and more. If you enjoy shooting ships, scoring Faction Loot or even collecting corpses, we can offer you one of the best places to accomplish that in all of New Eden! What's more, all of our Pilots compete in the Monthly TOP KILLER Contest, the prizes for which include a full month's worth of PLEX, Fitted Ships, Faction Modules, SKINs and more!

Corporation Killboard

Deep Industrial Reach

TXC maintains a full array of Manufacturing, Refining and Research Engineering Complexes to help you to build your wealth. TXC manufactures SubCapital and Capital Combat Ships, as well as Fighters, T2 Modules, Weapons and Ammo, supplying markets across Deklein and running regular deliveries across New Eden in Jump Freighters. TXC is also always looking for more Rorqual pilots, to keep the voracious maw of its Industry fed. Whether you consider yourself a PvP-savvy Industrialist or merely enjoy the massive revenue gains of Mining in a Rorqual, we welcome you with open arms.

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Interested in Joining Our Ranks? Send us a Full API along with your Character's Name when you Submit a Corp Application to our Recruiters, "Corvar Estidal" or "Othar Hamund" In-Game