The Archon was commissioned by the Amarr Navy to act as a personnel and fighter carrier. The order to create the ship came as part of a unilateral initative issued by Navy Command in the wake of Emperor Kor-Azor’s assassination. Sporting the latest in fighter command interfacing technology and possessing characteristically strong defenses, the Archon is a powerful aid in any engagement.

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Amarr Carrier bonuses (per skill level):
4% bonus to all armor resistances
5% bonus to Cenobite Support Fighter neutralization optimal range
1% bonus to Armored Command and Information Command burst strength and duration
Role Bonus:
• Can fit Networked Sensor Array
• Can fit two Command Burst modules
200% bonus to Command Burst area of effect range
• Can launch Light and Support Fighters
• Can lock at extended ranges
5x penalty to Entosis Link duration


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