Ships like the Aeon have been with the Empire for a long time. They have remained a mainstay of Amarr expansion as, hopeful for a new beginning beyond the blasted horizon, whole cities of settlers sojourn from their time-worn homesteads to try their luck on infant worlds. The Aeon represents the largest ship of its kind in the history of the Empire, capable of functioning as a mobile citadel in addition to fielding powerful wings of fighter bombers.



Amarr Carrier bonuses (per skill level):
5% bonus to Fighter damage
4% bonus to all armor resistances
5+ bonus to ship warp core strength
5% reduction in Weapon Disruption Burst Projector cycle time
2% bonus to Armored Command and Information Command burst strength and duration
Role Bonus:
• Can fit Networked Sensor Array
• Can fit Burst Projectors
• Can use two Command Burst modules
200% bonus to Command Burst area of effect range
• Can launch Light, Support and Heavy Fighters
• Can lock at extended ranges
400% bonus to Armor Plates and Shield Extenders
50% bonus to Remote Sensor Dampener resistance
50% bonus to Stasis effect resistance
50% increase to Remote Electronic Assistance impedance
5x penalty to Entosis Link duration


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